Mubblemaths: A home to a applications of advanced mathematics, collection of thoughts, my university work and some educational resources. Some people humour me every now and then and show a vague level on interest so here it all is presented together. The links below take you to various different musings.

Pendulums pendulum This section includes work on pendulums. It is a mathematical study into the motion of pendulums, including - most interestingly - mathematical and then experimental proof of how a pendulum can be made to stand on its end (as an inverted pendulum) by vibrating it’s pivot vertically. Also the idea is extended for a double inverted pendulum, and then explained mathematically for any number of pendulums.
Skipping Stones skipping stones Included on this page is the mathematics behind skipping stones. This is an extract from my MSc work which in general was about objects impacting on fluid surfaces. The whole MSc is also included.
Horse Racing Systems horse racing I was interested in a couple of suggestions on horse racing systems that could be used to successfully place bets on horse raced based purely on the mathematics and no previous horse racing knowledge. There are two detailed systems, one that is a standard cumulative system, and the slightly more advanced binary logistic regression model.
Tea Experiment tea It is a classic physics question… “If you require the tea to stay warmer for longer, should you put the milk in straight away or wait until you want to drink it?”. Here we did the experiment.
Football Strategy football The idea presented it using “lay-betting” on Betfair to guarantee making a profit on certain football matches. The idea is pretty sound but I have not been brave enough to see it through and would not to take responsibility for it of someone did and failed.
Functional Mathematics Functional Mathematics This is a maths lesson resource website for teachers. I have created the website using work that I have done at school with another one of my colleagues.